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I'm working on an eDirectory client application that currently runs on windows server 2003, and am testing it for compatibility in the vista/server 2008 environment, where Novell Client for Vista v1.0 is installed.

One difference I'm seeing is what appears to be a change in how NWDSGetContext behaves between 2003 (Novell Client 4.91) and 2008/vista (Novell Client for Vista 1.0) libraries. After successfully calling NWDSLogin, it was possible on server 2003 to call NWDSGetContext with the DCK_LAST_CONNECTION flag to get the connection handle for the just-established connection. However, on vista/server 2008, the same NWDSGetContext call returns -1 as the connection handle. Can anyone explain this? Is there a different way to get the handle for the new connection in the vista/2008 world?

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