From a co-worker:
We just ran into a problem with Zenworks Imaging which causes us some concern for its future.

HP just released a new model, 5850 AMD based PC, an upgrade to the 5750. We now have a unit on hand and quickly discovered it does not work with Zen imaging. This pretty much makes the hardware of little use to us if it cannot be imaged.

From our own troubleshooting, it appears the problem is related to either the network card driver or more likely the SATA driver for this hardware. There is no support for SATA drivers in the kernel now used for Zen imaging. We tried the latest patch for Zen 7 and Zen 10, with the same results.

We called Novell and are they are apparently working on a response. However in working with the technician, he mentioned that Novell would never let the Zen kernel have a later version than the enterprise kernel. Since the newer kernels have SATA support, this comment causes us some concern. HP is the leading PC vendor. Most others are also using SATA drives. If the Novell technician is correct in his comment, Novell is putting itself in a position where imaging simply won't work on new hardware. Zen will always be obsolete. If this is in fact the case, we may need to find a different imaging solution.

Can you please check on this and let me know as soon as you can.

I have not looked at it yet but think it is probably a NIC driver issue and we need to add the driver.

Any sysop have info we can get on his concerns?

Also favorite TIDs on adding drivers into a ZDM7 bootcd.iso? I used one and as normal am having trouble trying to find it again.