Hello all.
I am having some trouble with the exchange connector for Groupwise 7 to exchange 2k3.
What we want to do may be a bit strange and I'm not sure if the connector will even allow us to do this.

We would like to use the connector to sync users between AD and Groupwise however we do not want the connector to handle the mail routing between the systems. What we would like it to do is use the SMTP addresses (username@domain.com) instead of the GWISE:Domain.po.username address.

On the Groupwise side of things this seems to have been very easy to setup we just went to the external domain and selected internet addressing and specified that we wanted it to use the firstinitiallastname@domain.com. However the exchange side is proving to be more of a challenge. We have tried setting the recipient policies to use the SMTP address as a primary however the imported contacts inside of outlook still list the primary email address as GWISE:domain.po.username. If we try to remove the GWISE address from the imported users it says that this is the home address of the user and it cannot be removed.

Is there any way to not sync the GWISE address over to AD and just use SMTP? Or is there a way to sync GWISE address but use the SMTP as the primary for all imported users?

If anyone has attempted this or something similar any help would be appreciated.