I have been attempting to find a PPD file for the
new HP Laserjet P4015N series of printer to set
up for iPrint install. We are essentially forced to
consider this since the 4250/4350 printers have
been discontinued by HP.

To date, if I can't find a PPD for Mac, I will install
from openSUSE 10.3. The only option that seems
to be available for this printer is to use HPLIP.
This also is problematic as I have not had an
attempt of installing this succeed as of yet. The
last try make failed with error message 2. I have
my doubts that I'll be able to take something that
installs, copy it over to the Mac resource directory
and have it work.

While I can install the printing software on MacOS X
10.5 successfully, iManager 2.7 does not allow me
to upload anything into the broker resources.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to configure
this printer for iPrint? Is there a nearly compatible
PPD or a universal PPD of some sort that may work?
I know from attempts with an HP LJ 1022N that the
foomatic drivers will not work for MacOS 10.5.

The Mac I have access to is 10.5.3; I have virtually
no experience using this machine; basically was being
pulled from a lab and given to me to use for print