we have 6 remote locations that have been using local tapedrives with
BackupExec for Netware 9.x for backup.

Now BE 9.x cannot backup OES2 linux NSS volumes (unless Clustered), so
we need to look for other solutions.

We have thought about file sync/replication, so we could first replicate
the data to our central location (disk-to-disk) and then put it to tape

Any software suggestions for this? I have found... NONE! Some vendor
could take the files, but not trustees.

If thinking about traditional backup, sofar I have read about:
BackupExec 12 (cheap, easy, needs Win box)
NetBackup 65 (possibilities for central mgmt, more expensive, weird)
ArcServe (people seem to be unhappy.. speed issues)
BackupExpress (people seem to be happy with this, prices still unknown)
HP DataProtector is still in the works, callbacks requested..
any others?

...or maybe we should only make clusters and keep using BE 9.x ;DD