I'm evaluating ZCM 10 and would like to know how to get a bundle to execute immediately. I'm used to Altiris Deployment Server 6.8 so maybe it's just that I'm used to doing things differently, but here's what I've done:

Created a bundle with a Launch Windows Executable pointing to a "\\server\share\install.bat" file with some command-line arguments and told it to "Run as secure system user" (since our Altiris install.bat files run things as the SYSTEM account and have access to our shares via the local SYSTEM account on every PC in our domain).

I then assign this bundle to a device and enable "Distribution Schedule", choose "Now" for the distribution type and tick both the "Install Immediately" and "Launch Immediately" after installation checkboxes. I seem to have to refresh the ZENworks icon on the local machine before it realises I've assigned the bundle, but then it only adds the icon to the ZENworks Window and won't actually launch it until I double-click on it, and even then, I get a "Error launching \\server\share\install.bat. Windows error: Logon failure: unknown username or bad password" even though I told it to run as the system account.

In Altiris I'm used to just dragging a job and dropping it onto a PC or vice versa and seeing the status of the job assignment right there in front of me. And I get a green tick if it worked or a red cross if it failed, and it usually runs within 5 to 10 seconds of me dropping the job onto the PC.

Am I doing something wrong? Using the wrong type of job? I also tried a Run Script task but this didn't work either (maybe it doesn't like UNC pathnames?)