GMS 2.0.4 on Windows 2003R2 SP 2 (fully patched)

GW 7.0.3 on NW 6.5.7 (fully patched as of 2 months ago)

We've been fighting GMS for awhile and we finally got it working well, only to find that the PO is now sluggish periodically. I'm pretty confident that GMS is the culprit. I'm looking for good suggestions for tweaking the current system while I try to redesign everything (Linux for the PO and GMS). Like if there's some way to make the client connections higher priority over GMS (SOAP) connections.

gwtune.ncf -- done that.
POA settings -- ?? fewer soap threads (or more?) Fewer/more max app or TCPIP threads??

I 'spose I could throw up another POA on a different machine to handle quickfinder indexing and ADMIN thread.

Ted Kumsher