Have a remote server that was running zfd6. I installed Zfd7sp1 to it and it finishes successfully. However, using a remote console into the server, there is a "mwregsrv" screen , totally blank. The processor is sitting at 38% (two processors, so one is nearly pegged). If I unload mwregsrv, then the server is fine again. I've tried installing zen7sp1 twice, and its done the same thing both times, with the mwregsrv problem. Server is nw6sp5. I'm unable to install the latest zenworks patch (ir3) because the installer claims it doesnt see a zenworks installation on the server. If i do a "regedit" and look at \software\novell\zenworks\zfd\version, it still shows 6.5

So I'm asuming the mwregsrv is having issues updating the registry for the server?

Any ideas?