Has anyone seen this before.

WE have students that have directories. Being summer I am cleaning up the directories, occasionally I will come across a lost file and will not be able to delete a directory, Usually a nss /poolrebiuld will fix this and I can delete the directories.

Unfortunately I have several directories that are completely hosed, I found they had delete inhibit turned on, I turned that off, did a poolrebiuld and in windows I get can't access.

I tried directly on the server using the toolbox Del (vol:dir) /s command this abends the server.

I know a couple of the directories were created from some google web app/ which one I don't know as it is cached webpages and one was a hack that works on windows servers to create a sucessive cluster of directories to cause a buffer overflow and hijack the server.

Anyone know how to remove these locked directories, I've restarted and rebuilt a couple of times with no luck