I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone has had any experience dealing with the trouble I'm having.

I'm attempting to write a php script which will create directories for projects we create.

Usually I just copy the contents of a directory named "template" to my new sub-folder with nss rights using console one.

I want to automate this process.

I was originally attempting to do this using UCX, but that seems to be missing from OES Linux so I'm attempting to use the virtual file system, which I gather is the newest approach.

So I can write, and get responses just fine, but the response I get seems to just ignore my command. Obviously I'm missing something, I hope someone can shed some light on the matter...

so I'm writing this:
<virtualIO><datastream name="command"/></virtualIO>

<srcVol>.SERVER01_VOL1.NEWMARKET.Jagger.JAGGERNDS. </srcVol>
<tgtServer>.SERVER01.NEWMARKET.Jagger.JAGGERNDS. </tgtServer>
<time>' . (time() ) . '</time>


and getting :

<result value="0"><description>zOK</description></result></nssReply>

which looks like it's doing something, but it's not.

I'm sure I must be mis-understanding the meaning of srcpath, tgtServer, tgtVol, srcVol mean. I expect that's my issue

btw: Time is the php function time giving me seconds since epoc

Files are stored on a server callled server01 located in the jaggernds tree under the ou newmarket

path to file is \\server01\vol1\08\2044\00\wp\file.doc
I'd like to copy the file to \\server01\vol1\08\9999\tmp.doc
as an example.

Thanks for the help!

If we get past this point, I'd also be interested in how to change the rights of manage.cmd so wwwrun can access it. Changing the group on the file doesn't seem to have any effect.