I had a 10.0.1 system that needed an upgrade to recognize XP sp3 systems. Downloaded the update, it got stuck on Bundling. After several further attempts and some profuse swearing, I downloaded the manual update files. After more adjustments, it proclaimed to have downloaded the file correctly and bundled it up. I approved it and set up a Stage 1 group that contained the server and a Stage 2 group that contained a sampling of workstations. Told it to proceed with Stage One.

Just sits there as Pending.

I restart the machine, CPU is pegged at 100%.

Process culprits are: outputfileserver.exe (around 50%), CMS.exe (between 10% and 20%), EventServer.exe (10% to 20%), JobServer.exe (same), and InputFileServer.exe (same).

services-messages.log is being updated on a fairly regular basis, but Stage 1 is just stuck on Pending.

Is it in the process of updating, or just plain stuck?