I'm preparing my first NetWare 6.5 server (intending to
migrate from a NetWare 5.1 server, using the Migration

I'm up to thinking about our RAID and volume configuration
but I'm a newbie on NSS use.

What method of space allocation is recommended for the
SYS volume? Is it better to have it dynamically assigned
or to manually assign an amount? [I'm intending to mirror
two drives for SYS use, but 300GB seems overkill . . . so,
I'd like to have at least one other volume on the same RAID,
but I'm concerned about running out of pool space for SYS.
Is there a preferred way of handling this?]

Also, I've read about some concerns about restoring backups
(with Arcserve) if File Compression is enabled on volumes.
Is it recommended to dispense with File Compression on all
NSS volumes? (Or is this unnecessary? We're up to Arc-
serve 11, soon to be 12.)