Hello, I created a Portable Collector and am trying to load this file into my Zenworks 7.5 (R12) but I keep getting the following error message when I use the wizard to import it:

"There were problems loading 1 workstation inventory files. For details, refer to the Manager event log or the error log file from which you loaded data."

I'm not sure where the Manager event log is nor the error log file that they're referring to. I checked the application and system event logs in MS event viewer but that showed nothing. I resorted to checking the install path event logs and found this in TSCMgrEvent20080617.log:

<EVENT AT="6/17/2008 8:53:55 PM" SEVERITY="Info">
Application Object Info at 6/17/2008 8:53:55 PM on KCAMOM09 by KCAMOM09
Object Deleted
[2.4.100] The object was deleted by another user or process.
Class:"Collection Server"

Database Persistence Layer Info in CDBPersister::Retrieve at 6/17/2008 8:53:55 PM
Object Deleted
[2.5.9] was deleted by another user.

<EVENT AT="6/17/2008 8:53:55 PM" SEVERITY="Warning">
ZENworks Asset Management Manager Warning at 6/17/2008 8:53:55 PM on KCAMOM09 by KCAMOM09
Load Portable Collection Failure
[2.8.100] Unable to load workstation inventory file: c:\91DA8A7A-FA60-47D4-9D9D-C8B5CB322DB1.wif.

I check the inventory from the web console and the computer isn't even listed there. Can anyone shed any light? I've searched the forums and the KB and found nothing at all. I need to get this portable collector up by this weekend...any help would be greatly appreciated!

- Tommy