We (my company) have GW 7 + GMS 2 (2.03) + GMS Secure Gateway all running on Windows servers 2003 (each has its own server).

Recently I installed Intellisync (via GMS) on a Palm Treo 750 (these run Windows Mobile server so can't use PDAconnect anymore) in order for the staff member to syn GW email + calendar + contacts.

All was well for about a week.
Then out of nowhere the Palm Treo could not sync anymore and the message was:

Security Key Error (0x1406)

I searched the net for days - nothing.

Our GMS does not use Server Keys (In properties Enable Server Key Exchange is not enabled - has never been. As I said it worked for over a week).

THe only way I fixed it was to remove Intellisync and install again.
Works for a bit (days) then error again.

Any ideas?