When a multicast imaging session is started, it looks like the multicast address used is based off of the session name. Is there a set part of the multicast address space that Zenworks pulls from? We are getting ready to implement another application that uses multicast and we need to specify half a dozen or so multicast addresses that it can use. Knowing my luck, if I randomly assign them or have the app pick, it'll pick ones that conflict with Zenworks. I guess I could start up Zenworks and open multicast sessions named 1-10 and just make sure I don't use those addresses. However, it would be nice to know what are the possible addresses that Zenworks might use. Does anyone know? The only documentation I have been able to find was related to ZfD 3 and it wasn't located on Novell's site. It said that all the multicast addresses used by Zenworks started with 231 (231.x.x.x.). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!