I installed SP7 for NW 6.5 and SP3 for GW 7 this past weekend. Prior to this the server was stable. My GW server runs all the GW services, (PO, Domain, GWIA, Webaccess) Two nights ago (The first backup of the GW system after the upgrade) the server abended with the following error: Fatal Exception (number 14 cause abend: Page fault running process: server 13 code executing in module COMN.NSS v 3.26 at offset +2b4e4h) This abend was followed by a second abend CPU hog detected by timer running process: server 00:63. The server then rebooted itself. These abends occurred about one minute after the backup process began which is Backup Exec. The abend log looked to be corrupted as the information was unreadable. I deleted the file thinking the next abend would create a new log file.
I found TID 5006840 the referenced a new Comn.nss file for SP7, Which I installed, and rebooted the server. The version remained the same 3.26 but the date of the file changed. ( was sept 19, 2007 now Oct 31, 2007 ) Last night the backup ran again and the server abended again with the exact same errors. Nothing was posted to the abend log.

Since both SP7 for NW and SP3 for GW were applied at the same time, Not sure if this is a result of the GW update or the NW update or a combination of both. Any thoughts for POST SP3 or SP7 patches that should be applied?

Thank you