Still trying to update my 7 servers with IR3a so I can image the new HP
dc5800 with Intell 82566DM NICs.

I've moved on to my 4th server without success.

I've installed IR3a (checked MD5 checksum) with no errors. After
installation, the dc5800 get the "could not find the Zenworks
installation source" when booting with PXE. I had to copy INITRD,
LINUX, and ROOT files from the IR3A_IMG_Resource file to sys:\tftp\boot
to get the machine to boot to PXE.

Now, after booting to PXE, the computer does not find "any work to do"
and boots from the hard drive.

Now the kicker: If I boot with a CD created from the bootcd.iso from
the IR3a_IMG_resource file, imaging works like a charm. I had to enter
the server's IP address, but let

Also strange: I've manually imaged a dc5800. Workstation is imported
and ZIS data correct. I can flag the workstation object to be imaged on
next boot and the imaging process from PXE works correctly.

ZENVER and the registry reports the ZFD version as which is
higher than .80513 as listed in TID 3546801.

Any suggestions?