For this third installement of Proxy grinding to a halt:

Terror, angry users and tired sysadmin join force.... XD.

Seriously. Calling our proxy problem fixed in march (see Proxy grinding to a halt revisited - again) was apparently premature. Our border manager setup (novell 6.5 sp7 bdm 3.9 sp1 2 cache vol: 15 gig,non nss,purge immidiate, cluster 16k, no long filename) is still having slow moment it just take a lot more time getting to them. During these episode one of the cache volume will fill up and the other will be betewen empty and three quaters full. If we balance it to our backup it will resume normal operation within 15 to 30 minutes.

The problem seem to be streaming media. If a user start a stream and leave it open it fills one cache volume and the proxy kills itself trying to clean it. The problem as been reproduce with a test server.

Now i can't block all streaming site with an acl since some of my users need to be able to access streaming news sites.

So i tried excluding from cache known streaming extansion like swf,flv,asf etc... but the proxy keep caching them. So i tried excluding every thing and still border manager keep caching. Is there something i'm doing wrong ?