Something happened to my server where the local edirectory database
screwed up. I tried to run a dsrepair on the local database but it
would not run. I'm not familar with all the params available.

I tried to load dsrepair -A to remove the server out of the tree but I
got an error message and could not continue.

Using nwconfig I could not uninstall edirectory but I could install again.

Dsrepair appeared to purge all the delectory files.

This created a new issue. From the faulty server it did not appear as
though it had a replica, as i went into replica synchronisation which
would not show any servers in the tree.

All the other servers however assumed this server was still in the mix.
They all assumed it still had a read - write replica. With imanager
this could not be deleted and recreated for that server. An error
generated as I tried to do this.

How do I get this server back into the tree so all the other recognise
it and can talk properly.