I have an old DOS app (Advanced Revelation [AREV] 2.1) which most of the
time works quite happily in the netware environment (NW6.5SP7, clients
are 4.9x, Windows XPSp2, TCP/IP only).

Occasionally, the app hangs up as users log in to it, and then no users
can log in.

How we fix this is by getting every AREV user who is logged in or hung
up to exit AREV or close the DOS window loading AREV. Most of the time
this clears whatever it is and users are able to log in again.

More recently, we have had to reboot the server where AREV app resides
in order to clear the problem.

Using the Monitor, we see no files open on any of the workstations that
had been running AREV, yet something is "stuck".

I realize this is not a lot of information but can anyone suggest what
might be the problem here? I suspect it has to do with file locking,
with a file being locked for "exclusive" use and the lock not being
cleared ... but then it might be a client issue. I'm just not sure, so I
am starting here.

Any suggestions anyone?

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School