I am looking into a good way to send or popup an instant message to all users in the network. In my opinion, the 'novell send message' functionality is way to basic and not useable for sending instant information to users. Specifically when a unplanned reboot of the server is neccesarry (like yesterday). I want all users to know this and be able to save all their work and open files.

What i'm seeing is, everytime we send a message to users, al lot of them think its a common error message or something else, it's not really clear. I would like more options like forcing window focus, delay before clicking 'ok' etc. and most of all, a clearer message, the 'grey' box is really unreadable.

Anyway, I want to explore the possibilities withing novell first before I look into 3rd party apps.

- is it possible to remote execute a program on all logged in workstations? (that way i could simply make a VB program, put it on the network, and that displays the message and show the button after a delay)

- is there any program which uses the novell send message system but has a better interface/options? Any experience with windows messaging system?

- had anybody else tackled this problem otherwise (with 3rd party apps or so?)