I have a problem with the deployment of Office 2003. I did an administrative install (AIP) to a network folder on our netware server (setup /a).
Then I slipstreamed office 2003 SP3 with msiexec /p into the AIP msi files.

Office is chained using dependency to the MSI files with a custom made MST file created with ORK (MST has settings with no run from network and first run disabled). So when winword.exe is called by Nal, the installer is started. Both main and dependant applications are associated to users, not workstation objects. Users have poweruser rights in XP SP3.

The problem is that we are using roaming profiles. If I image a fresh pc, and have use A login, Office installs normally, everything works fine. BUT when A shutsdown and B logs in and starts Office from NAL, NAL calls the MSI and does a quick installation and then error message appears "word had not been installed for the current user". When user A logs back in, Office does not work anymore... Excel complains about missing eurotool.xla and Word complains about security settings. Looks like the partly install from user B has corrupted install from user A.

I have checked:
Rights to opa11.dat: OK
Right in registry: HCKU and office keys.
User A and B can browse on the server and see the MSI files from Office 2003

Could it be that the problem is that normally Office 2003 uses the MSOcache to create the HCKU registry keys, and that an adminstrative installation point of office 2003 lacks the MSOcache directory?

What I dont understand is why when user B logs in, the dependant application is started and not the winword.exe. Word had already installed by the previous user....

Microsoft officially says you need to use setup.exe with MST, but the no verify available with NAL.