Hi all -

I am trying to set up an imaging routine for our Install guys. I would like to give them a CD that they can boot to that will boot the PC, and call a particular zmg image to be restored to the PC.
I have made several attempts to create a boot CD that will work, using the bootcd.iso and the settings.txt file, but always seem to come up with the error "Could not Connect to Preboot Server"

This is my settings.txt file:
================================================== =================================
# ZENworks Imaging Settings
# The character starting this line denotes a comment. Any line beginning
# with that character is ignored when initializing the Imaging Engine

# PROMPT should be set to YES if you want to be given a Linux prompt
# initialization is complete.


# MANUALREBOOT should be set to YES if you want to reboot manually.


# Use this setting in a DHCP environment.


# PROXYADDR is the IP address or DNS name of the ZENworks Imaging Server.


# Use IMGCMD to alter the behavior of automated imaging. If this variable is defined

# as a script (or a series of commands), then that script (or those commands) will be

# executed instead of the usual 'img auto' command (see /bin/imaging.s).

#export IMGCMD="hwtest.s"

#netdevice can be used to select a specific network adapter


img -restore -proxy epicpostsys.zmg -ip

================================================== =======================================
Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


Michael DeCesere
Information Services Help Desk
Maine Medical Center