I am trying to load BM Authentication services 3.7 on Netware 6.5 but whenever it launches the install it gives me the error:

Fatal error occured check the sys:\nl\data\ni.log file. I looked this up on kb and it says that you need to down grade your nici to 2.6.4 and change the version by running product menu on the cmd line. I can't find nici 2.6.4 and will this be bad to down grade from 2.6.7?

I have one radius server that is working but trying to make a secondary radius server. I have a BM server that has Authentication services already install and tried to load the access file and it seemed to connect fine but on the radius log screen it says

[2008-06-19 04:34:32 PM] Accounting Request Dropped, user.csb(Edfund-Windows)[List_122], Unknown RADIUS client

Is there something I need to do for it to know the radius client? In my DAS I have the IP addresses of the VPN and Dial up access servers. How does it know what Netware server is the Radius server. We are using Cisco and Juniper SSL VPN and the interface we changed the radius server to this one and it still didn't work.

I also wonder if I can use LDAP to authenticate my users instead of using radius server.

Thank you