We use zenworks desktop managment 7.x, and backup exec 10d on a windows media server. I cannot issue start/stop commands in job properties for netware servers on a windows media server. So I have to come up with another way to shut down the database outside of the backup exec software.

Just wondering what the best way is? I'd like something that is tied to the backup job so that it always fires of when the job runs and if the I run the job later (or someone else has to run it manually) they don't have to fumble through some other things or have to gain access to the server to shut down the database. I realize this probably isn't a possiblity. I have open file option but that isn't a substitue for shutting down the database - right?. A cron job would work, but then again, its not tied to the job.

Would the backup process in c1 be a solution - use cron at a given time each day, and then exclude the actual databases from the backup exec selection list, but include the backup directory made by the backup process?

We also have stuffkey running on the server - not sure how this weighs against cron jobs. I guess neither are can be tied directly to a backup job.