I am trying to wrap my mind around what is an SLP Scope. I currently
have a Old Netware server as an SLPDA and I want to Move this to an
Linux OES server. In ConsoleOne I have a container called SLPDefault
and under this an SLP Scope Unit object called Default. In my mind This
Scope Unit is very important and directs workstations to all the
services they need. This object currently says it is serviced by my
Netware server.

On my Suse OES box I have my etc/slp.conf file and one line of this file

I am confused by this because to me this is telling OpenSLP to look at
an edirectory object name "Default". I thought OpenSLP was not
edirectory aware? If this is not the case I do not understand where the
scope "Default" lives in the OpenSLP world? If OpenSLP is edirectory
aware do I then need to point my "Default" Scope in edirectory to my
Suse OES box once I make it a slpda?