Gonzalo or anyone else that knows for sure, can you tell me what proxy.cfg parameters are valid for NBM 3.9 SP1? Can I assume that if a parameter doesn't show up in the Proxy Console Screen 63, then it is not valid for 3.9 SP1?

For instance, in TID 3988333 (which is supposed to apply for NBM 3.9 at least), it mentions the 'AckWithNoDataOnSYN' parameter as follows:

// Browser gets 504 gateway timeout error accessing web server through proxy, because Proxy use TCP connections to the origin server piggyback the final ACK from the 3 way TCP handshake, with the HTTP GET request. Which deny by some type of origin web server.
//Set to 1 to prevent the problem, Also applied updated TCPIP stack. (default=0)

However, regardless of whether you set this parameter to 0 or 1, it does not show up on Proxy Console 63. Can I assume then that the fix for the problem this addresses has been encorporated into the code and therefore this parameter is no longer needed in 3.9 SP1?

IgnoreDuplicateChill is another one. In the above TID, it says:

IgnoreDuplicateChill=1 (0 to disable) (Default=1)
//Prevents many abends. Enabled by default in PXY012 build and later.

But this parameter also doesn't show up in Proxy Console Screen 63 regardless of whether it is set to 0 or 1. So has the fix been incorporated into the code and this parameter is irrelevant?

The reason this is important to understand has to do with troubleshooting. If you put in a parameter and you don't see it on Proxy Console Screen 63, then is that becuase you mis-typed the parameter or because it is not a valid parameter for this version of BorderManager?

Any thoughts?