Hello all...

I have a certificate that we purchased from godaddy.com. I am attempting to
get it working with our GWWebAccess and the NetWare FTP server. All the
Novell servers in my network are NW 6.5 SP7

I managed to generate the CSR and got the certificate back. I managed to get
the cert imported into the certificate object in my eDirectory (8.8 sp2, by
the way). When I attempt to validate the Trusted Root Certificate, it gives
me a message "Certificate Revocation List Invalid".

I found a TID (10100089) that says the fix it to request a cert from the
provider without a Certificate Revocation List. I called and requested that.
The provider told me that they cannot do that and they did not have an
alternative. I have a case open with Novell on this but I have been playing
phone tag for two days, I'm losing hope...

Can anyone out there help me with this....??

__________________________________________________ ___

Delon E. Weuve
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Auditor of State
State of Iowa