Our servers were NetWware 6.5 SP6 and iPrint worked without problems.
I upgraded them to NetWare 6.5 SP7 and the latest iPrint and the lastest broker and manager nlms.

Now, I am trying to add some new Windows Vista print drivers to the Broker via iManager 2.7 but when I try to open the Broker properties, I get this error "Internal Error A page has performed an illegal action".

This message is shown indistinctly in Windows XP or Windows Vista.

.- I reinstalled the iPrint plugins.
.- I turned off the pop up blocker
.- I turned off the firewall
.- I modified the JSP files in Tomcat 4 directory: ResourceDriversPage.jsp,
CreatePrinterDriverProfile2.jsp, ModifyPrinterDriverProfile2.jsp, and

I replace this string
"<OBJECT ID=iPrintAccess CLASSID=clsid:36723f97-7aa0-11d4-8919-

with this

document.writeln("<OBJECT ID=iPrintAccess CLASSID=clsid:36723f97-7aa0-

But... nothing solve the problem and now I cant manage the iPrint Objects via iManager.

I checking in Novell Support searching for TIDs or any document to help me Without success

Anyone know the best way to fix them?

Any help well will be received.