Hi guys,

Our NSS Volumes getting full and we're planning to buy bigger HDD to replace.

Current usage of the POOLS:
/dev/evms/BGCSITEPOOL1 411G 278G 133G 68% /opt/novell/nss/mnt/.pools/BGCSITEPOOL1

Current RAID configurations:

Drives Bay 5 146.8 Gig
Bay 4 146.8 Gig
Bay 3 146.8 Gig
Bay 2 146.8 Gig
Bay 1 72 Gig
Bay 0 72 Gig

RAID Setup Bays 5-2 are setup as RAID 5 (for NSS storage, 410.1 Gig)
Bays 1-0 are setup as RAID 0 (for Operating System, 67.8 Gig)

My initial brief plan is:

1. Take a backup of NSS storage using NBACKUP built-in utility and keep it in External HDD.
2. Unmount NSS Volumes
3. Replace 4 x 146GB disks with 4 x 300 GB.
4. Create RAID 5 configuration on 4 x 300 GB disks.
5. Create NSS Pools and Volumes.
6. Restore NSS Data using NBACKUP utility to new NSS Volumes.

Please advice if these steps ok, what i need to consider.