Good morning.

I installed SP7 last weekend on my main server. It's
NetWare 6.5 running on a two dual-core Xeon system with 3 GB
of memory.

Since that upgrade, I have noticed that the time stamps on
all files created on the server are wrong by 5 hours. Since
we are in the -5 time zone (cst) it loks like all the time
stamps are now set to GMT.

I checked the settings and the time sync log screen shows
that syncing is happening and the date listed is correct.
The autoexec.ncf file sets the time zone to cst6cdt with all
the daylight savings stuff also correct. (None of this was
changed by the SP install.) The workstations are set to the
correct time zone and sync their time from the master eDir

One other detail. I just mounted a directory from a Linnux
server with NFS and created a new file. From the Linux side
the time stamp says 07:35 From the Windows side the time
stamp is 12:35 P.M.

I checked with ConsoleOne and the modified and created dates
are June 23, 2008 12:35:44 PM CDT, 5 hours in the future.

My clients are mostly 4.91 running on XP and W2K.

Any ideas where to look for this one?