I'm trying to track down what one network vulnerability scan says is a problem with an OES1 server on our network, specifically CVE - CVE-2006-2496 (under review). That CVE refers to Novell documentation at TID-$tidnum $desc $mod, but that URL states the TID is no longer available or updated in another document (which I can't find). I DID find Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in iMonitor 2.4 for eDirectory 8.8
which describes the general issue but seems to apply to Win2k and Win2k3, not OES1. So..... can anyone help me find documentation regarding this vulnerability as it may pertain to OES1, how to patch it, how to tell if it might already be patched, what versions of edirectory exactly are affected (the version we are running reports to "ndsd --version" as "Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP2 v20216.51").

Thanks in advance for any assistance in clarifying this issue!