Running arcseve 9.01 (w/ all latest updates) on my (now) nw6sp5 server.
Had issues w/ backup speeds w/ nw6sp4, finally got around to putting
sp5 & nss5c patch on. Backups seemed to be working fine again.

Now, when having to restore a file, I get the error:

Fail to Write DataSet DATA:\Above reserve requests\2009 plate series
aboveres rqst.XLSError:fffdffb1

Not a whole lot on Novell's site about that error, most tids talk about
MAC files. We don't have any MAC's on our network.

One tid did mention something about possible corrupt tape. I've tried
different tapes, trying to restore different files, etc, all w/ the
same result.

I had re-installed arcserve from scratch shortly before patching my
server, and upgraded the firmware on the tape drive as well.

HELP! I'm screwed & need to restore a file.