Ok. Sometimes it's embarrassing to use g33k sp34k when talking to a hot
female (l)user with a bunch of guys in the room...

This (l)user calls and says she tries to boot up her machine and gets
beeping sounds and no video...

I walk over and she boots... And without thinking I say:

"I think it's a memory issue... Can you please slide back, I need to get
under your desk and look inside your box..."

She turned red and the guys started laughing....

And stupid me is like what???

Then I thought... And apologized... but she laughed....

It's been one of those days.....

Jay Calderwood

Quote: "I have worked HARD for everything I have. A beautiful family
which includes a beautiful Soon-to-be wife,
a bunch of beautiful healthy kids, 2 annoying pooches, and an occasional
Pooh Bear (silly ol' bear he is).
Like I said I worked hard for what I have and I'm not going to lose this
because this is what I always have wanted.
I need to remove those cancerous people from my life to keep what I
have, and I will. I'm tired of all
the backstabbing and deceit. This is my world, I created it, now it is
time to undo what I let happen. I will not turn back."

-- or --

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