Three new Netware 6.5sp7 servers on the test bench
M1 and M2 setup as iscsi initiators
M3 setup as an iscsi target
two NIC's in each box, LAN_A is the public 192.168.2.x lan, LAN_B is the
192.168.3.x iscsi lan on a separate switch
clustered, working great.

A few questions to tune this up properly:

1. What is the CORRECT way to specify the .2 public lan as the default? I
have the associated NIC loading last to accomplish this but that seems
incomplete, and does not look right in NoRM "show configuration" [default],
though it is working right (i think!)

2. In the HOSTS file I have only two lines in each. M1's looks like this:
Do i need to do more here? localhost M1

3. IP Routing I see in TCPCON may need adjustment elsewhere to make this
most efficient. What should be going on here and where should that come

4. Am I missing anything? I want to do this very right.

Your help is WAY appreciated. Jim