I am new to this environment. And in all my years of working with Novell, I have never needed a DNS A record for each site/OU/DNS ZONE that has the same IP as the local DNS server for the eDir TREE NAME to be able to find and log on to the eDir tree. This seems to be the case in many of my OUs, although not all. We are running both 6.5 SP7 and 6 SP5 servers.

Each of my 30 sites are the same metro WAN connection, DNS ZONE, and the server and PCs are on the same LAN IP segment.

For some reason, if I delete the A record for the eDir TREE name, no one is able to find and log on to the TREE via C32. If we put the IP in the local C32 server setting to log on to, we can. But this should not be the case.

Any ideas of why this is the case?