I'm attempting to upgrade a ZENworks 7 server (OES Netware 6.5 SP7) to
SP1 using the CPKs from the Companion 4 disc. Required files have been
copied/extracted to SYS:\temp\cpk and i'm running the NCFs in the order
outlined in the upgrade documentation. The first NCF (sastpwol.ncf) runs
with issues, but the second (sastpinv.ncf) produces the following:

[Standalone Processor:main] Initializing Server Software Package

[Standalone Processor:main] ZENworks Server Management is processing
file : sys:\temp\cpk\stopinv.cpk

[Standalone Processor:main] Package (Stopinv): passed OS requirement OS

[Standalone Processor:main] ERROR - Failed processing software package :

Any thoughts? I've done some searching but have come up empty handed. No
log files appear to have been created that would assist in troubleshooting.