I am trying to setup a training page on the intranet for my users to
(ignore) get themselves trained on the software and hardware products we use
around here on their own time. So far I have the basics like linking to the
user manuals to all the printers & such, but does anyone here have
additional links for free training other than the office.microsoft.com &
apex.vtc.com sites for ms-office products? Is there a ms one for basic usage
of xp/vista, or I am also guessing someone has a better free website for a
typing tutor than this http://www.powertyping.com/qwerty/lessonsq.html as
well? What else does everyone else here do for internal staff training? I
also finally have a "training room" setup (a sorry excuse of 8 old
no-longer-good-enough-for-production frankenstien mix of machines, it is
quite a pitiful sight) but have the age old problem of actually getting
people in for training, even with management behind the idea. I am no
CNI/MCT, but I would really love to get my users a little more self
sufficient when it comes to simple tasks.

Thanks for any links/help/suggestions/etc