I'm reasonably new to Mobile Technology and have recently installed the product and configured for testing. I'm testing with a Palm Treo 680 with the latest Firmware from Palm.

I've created the user, installed the Client software and followed the instructions on the Palm.

The admin settings appear to be quite straight forward and intuitive.

Now for some of the problems I've experienced.

The manual "Sync" option within the Intellisync program group doesn't seem to do anything. It appears to go through the motions, and in fact looking at the status details it does look fine but nothing gets updated.

I've set the Network push to happen every hour between 7:00AM and 10:00PM, however message seem to get pushed at random times, by this I mean not hourly, sometimes I could get messages 2 or 3 times each hour?

I've only changed the profile options that seemed as though they related to the push etc...

On the phone, sometimes it just won't sync at all, either with the manual sync or the network push. This afternoon I had 9 new messages and 4 hours later the phone still wasn't updated. Then suddenly it worked...

I checked to make sure that I had Internet access during the "no go" period and it worked fine. I also have Versamail set as an IMAP connection to my home mail server and this was working fine..

Since installing GMS last week I've had to remove it and re-install it twice, re-install the client software 3 times...Is it this difficult?

I'm hoping its something I'm doing as I don't believe any product Novell releases could be this ordinary..

Appreciation in advance..