I have 2 Problems on a running OES SP2 2 Node Cluster.

1. Running Backup/Restore with Syncsort BackupExpress 3.01, Backup runs fine, but Restore is only possible, when changing TSA Mode to NoCluster and Restoring via the NodeObject. Not possible to do a Restore via the Cluster itself (was running well in Februar - Problem cames up after last patching)

2. Client loose connection!! This is the major problem. After running for some hours, the clients can't access the server for some seconds to minutes. If the problem cames up, 2-3 hours later, the clients can't reconnect and the Server will not answer to the calls.
Server is still avaible via IP and via VNC and RemoteManager. IManager also running and access to the NSS Volumes via the console is possible.
There are 1000 Users on this Server, 1.2 TB Data in about 1.500.000 files.
For the moment I power of the faulty Node and the System failover well and still running. (Power off, because migrate to the other node needs up to 4 Minutes).
Found something about NDSD. But there is allready installed novell-ncp-5.0.1-107 and novell-ncpserv-2.0.43. eDir=
The NDSD allocates very quickly 2GB RAM + 600MB Virt.Mem.