I want to install a bordermanager 3.9 slave vpn server in the same tree to
place it later to a remote office, so I did what was in Craig's book:
Configured an private ipaddress on the server, that contained the master
replica's and the server that contained the CA. (same subnet as the new
I installed the new server succesfully in a separate ou. Also installed
bordermanager 3.9 on it. Made this ou a partition.
I assume I need to add a replica of this new OU (partition) to the new
server, and that it must be the master (for licensing issues)? and that I
also need to add r/w replica's to the new server of the partition for
SLPscopes and the root partition? My question is if I add the replica's, do
all my servers then have a communication problem, because they try to
contact this new server, but they can't? (only the master and ca server can
at this moment, because they are in the same subnet). Or is this not the
Is this all and can then the server safely be shipped or are there some
important things to check before I ship the server?

master replica : nw65sp7, edir873
ca : nw65sp5, edir873
mastervpnserver : nw65sp7, bm385
new server : nw65sp7, edir882, bm391