Anyway to configure these?

I have my policies setup in ZEN7 SP1 and they work fine. I also have
various workstation policies setup and they work fine as well.

However, when I go to XP Policies--Local Computer Policy-->Computer
Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->Internet Explorer and have this:

Turn off pop-up management-Disabled
Pop-up allow list-random sites that I've added

The settings look correct...but when I restart and login, they settings
just don't apply. Other ones apply for IE, but the ones that do seem to be
user-based and not machine-based. Am I missing something here? The XPSP2
firewall settings are also machine-based they are working fine.

I have run ZEN in debug mode on the workstations and there are no errors to
speak of that would be causing this behavior that I'm seeing. It's all
looking very clean.

Am I doing something wrong here that I'm just too stupid to realize?

Thanks for any suggestions.