I'm trying to upload the HP Universal print driver to my driver store through iManager and I keep running into a message that states "A page has performed an illegal action" -

server - OES1 Linux, all relevant patches
iManager - 2.6
local workstation - XP, sp2; I've tried both iPrint client versions 4.28 and 4.36 now

It actually appears like it's going to work; you choose the inf file for the driver, and it starts cranking around and finally you get the message at the bottom of the driver window that says "The driver is uploading to the driver store..." and then it crashes out with the message "A page has performed an illegal action." Upon returning to the driver store and viewing the drivers loaded there the new HP driver is not listed.

I have found information that says this driver is compatible with iPrint so I'd like to try it out.

Any ideas?