Hi, all!

Can't get to work subtree searching for latest nwftpd.nlm
(nwftpd14.zip) on NW6.5SP5. In accordance with
I've changed my ftpserv.cfg something like:


But with ':s' users from .MyOU.MyO and lower can't to login with it's
short name. If I remove ':s' at the end of search container then users
from .MyOU.MyO can to login (but not users from subtree, of course).

What I'm doing wrong? I checked many times - NDSILIB.NLM Version
15.04.02 22 September 2006 is realy loaded on server. Into ftpd.log I
see right message:

Info , 117 , 27/6/2008 12:34:23 , Search List modified. Working with
modified search list:.OU=MyOU.O=MyO:s

But subtree search don't want to work :(

Sergei Dubrov