Jared Jennings wrote:
> Tim Musa said on 6/4/2008,
>> As it stands I have only one device in my zone: my one SLES10SP1
>> server. When I click to view the device in ZCC I get the "Unable to
>> connect through IP Address or Host Name" message in the ZENworks Agent
>> Status. I have the firewall turned off on the server.

> Have you looked at the local zmd-messages.log? The log might point to

the problem, if the agent is having trouble communicating with the
loader services.
> Have you verified that DNS is working? On Linux, I like using the

"host" command. Then you can be fairly confident that that reverse DNS
is also working correctly. Correctly would be that if you get the same
results for "host xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" as well as "host dnsName.domain.com"

I am having this same problem myself, except on SLES 10 SP2.

My firewall is off and the server can resolve its fqdn using the host

The only indicator of a problem I can see is in the zmd-messages.log
file ZMD_FIREWALL - waiting for process exit, after that message appears
there is no log activity at all for a while, possibly until server reboot.