Hi guys! Need some help.

I have a server running

2 GWIA 7.1
1 GW MTA7.1
1 GW WebAccess
1 GW Document Viewer

The server runs OK, but some times the network stops on all NICs.
It has 2 NICs, one on DMZ and other on LAN.

I tried the option "renitialize system", but didn't work.
I tried to exit all agents from GW, but it was freezed.
So I tried to down the server, but didn't have success because the processes
didn'd down.
So I pressed power button on server, I think ACPI had a "force down",
because processes began to down and ping start to work on ping console, but
server didn't down, I had to hold power button for 5 seconds to hardware
turns off.

I don't know if the problem was occurred because a problem on GW agentes or
vice versa.
How can I figure out where is the problem? I think it's not a GW Problem.

Thankyou in advance.