I am running GMS 2.0.3 on Linux. I am attempting to install the client OTA to a Windows Mobile 5 handheld via http://hostname/install I get logged in just fine, the client downloads via the download directly link. It installs syncclient.cab and begins the "Establishing a secure connect to the server" progress bar. I then get an "Install Error" dialog box that reads "A secure connection could not be established. Check your connection settings, or contact your systems administrator. I have verified that the wireless connection is online and not blocked. Ports 80 and 443 are open through the firewall (and I can see the website via those ports).

A friend of mine has a separate install very similar to mine and has exactly the same issue with a MotoQ. We have no devices that are actually working against the systems.

Anyone seen this or have any ideas on how to resolve this?