I plan to setup two pc-servers (servA, servB) with identical hardware and form three partions with the scsi-controller (sda,sdb,sdc).

on sda i will install an oes2 called oes2A, on sdb i will install an oes2 called oes2B, finally sdc should take the volumes such as data-pools, groupwise domain, postoffice and distribution directories and so on.

Then i want to clone servA on the hardware of servB (dd or ghost4unix?).
Next I want to boot oes2A on servA and oes2B on servB, on oes2B.servB there is a script (run with crontab) which rsyncs oes2A.servA to oes2A.servB and sdc.servA to sdc.servB.
On oes2A.servA there is a script that rsyncs oes2B.servB to oes2B.servA. Now when the servA crashes for some reason, i want to reboot servB now with the oes2A-installation.

Now, I don't know if it's possible to use nss as data-pool-filesystem, cause both installations on one server, have to have access to the data-pools and because nss-vols are manages in edirectory the must have different names (or am I wrong at this point?).

Does anyone have any knowledge, tip or experience with such or a similar project, maybe with another filesystem? I am thankful for every answer and also other ideas to get a backup-server.

Marcel Reschke