NAT question:

We have BM36 using proxy and NAT'ed with the second IP pointing to our webaccess server. We also have our groupwise mail components on the NAT'd box. I think not relevant we are also using guiniverre. We also are running a blackberry messaging server on a seperate (non NAT'd) server box.

When filters are not activated everything works. However, when ipflt.nlm is loaded (and default filters loaded) no mail can be sent or received. No messages are being forwarded from the Blackberry box as well.

Im thinking the default filters affect only the primary IP. So, for confirmation: Do the default filters affect the Primary IP only, the Secondary IP, or it does affect both?

Would I need to apply special filter exceptions to allow the groupwise server to operate as designed? As general guidlelines, what would they be?

Thanks in advance.