I just did an upgrade of our 6.5 sp7 to the new MLA licenses. The new license gets rid of the Hard Stop and moves to an Audited model. I would like to relate some of the stumbling blocks.

The situation was this... We are a small company with 90 users. We were beginning to hit the 90 users limit (I owned 90 seats). I purchased 5 more seats to solve the problem. Novell and my supplier informed me that we qualified for the new MLA licensing. The gave me TID #10100768 outlining the new license strategy. Great!

We promptly sold off a division of our company with about 30 users.

Busy with other issues I put off the license upgrade... for about 2 years.

Last night I decided to upgrade the licenses (We are growing once again- good news indeed!)

I reread the TID explaining the new MLA license strategy. With some trepidation I deleted the old User License Certificate and installed the new Certificate from Novell.

The deletion was smooth. The installation was smooth... though reading the information on the MLA License Certificate I noticed nothing about users... only servers. Weird.

I checked my servers using the Version command. They still reported Hard Stop. Rereading the TID I noticed a sentence suggesting you might need to reboot. I rebooted the servers.... No change.

Arggh. Now I had zapped the User Licenses. I quickly reinstalled the old licenses... (with one moment of panic- I couldn't find the last 20... I finally found them on floppy disks in their original boxes... not on the server where I stored the other licenses). The re-installation seemed to work fine.

I re-examined the new MLA license in Imanager. No mention of users in the information. Did Novell send me the wrong license? I called Novell Customer support. They assured me the license was correct and that it was a server license.

Then it hit me... the new audited license is a server license only! You don't need a user license anymore as users are not stratified. The TID implies this but never states it directly. It tells you to delete the old licenses before you install the new.


With this sinking through my somewhat dense skull, I deleted both the User and Server licenses. I installed the new MLA server license. All my servers reported Audited. Everyone can login. I didn't have to reboot any of the servers.

I don't fault Novell or the TID on this one. They state all old licenses must be deleted. "All" is in italics. Still, another sentence stating "all user and server licenses" would have saved me a few moments of frustration and panic. Which is why I have posted here.

Joe Collins
IS Manager
M. Lee Smith Publishers